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meTomizCreations is a design idea that was born out of necessity and the creative thinking of Remi Odunaike Odhomi and Alexander Odhomi. In the summer of 2008, I discovered a talent I never knew I had. The talent of re-customizing items using fabric.

I needed a pair of shoes and a clutch bag to match the outfit I was going to wear for a wedding that summer. I couldn't find an exact match having searched up and down the high streets. I had some fabric leftover from the outfit I had sewn specifically for the wedding. I therefore decided to upcycle an old pair of shoes I had lying about and a purse using the same leftover fabric (Aso-Oke and French Lace). I gave my shoes and purse a total make over that even I was surprised with the fantastic results. I finally had the perfect match to my outfit. You can view the full outfit here. The great reviews and praise I received from family and friends at the wedding were very encouraging. I thought, I could really do something special with this new found talent. We both decided to take it to the next level and a new business venture was given birth to.

I have always been creative and good with my hands but never imagined I'd be doing anthing like this. I don't believe in the saying "out with the old in with the new". A woman has the right to look and feel beautiful at reasonable prices. My aim is to encourage my Clients to try and recyle some of their items and save some money in the process. By the process of upcyling, re-customization/re-modelling it is possible to look and feel beautiful without breaking your bank account.

Essentially what I do is the art of creating something new, beautiful and different out of something old and ordinary. I make use of carefully sourced African and Western style prints/fabrics in my process of re-customization. By applying a design process together with the bespoke specification of each Client, the end results are always exquisite. 

All my creations are handmade with great attention to detail using fabrics such as Ankara, Lace, Aso-Oke, or the like. Bring your old items to me for a rebirth, to be re-customized to your taste. Similarly, if you don't want your old item re-customized and want something totally new created for you according to your bespoke specification, no problem at all, that is easily done too. All designs and creations handmade and bespoke to your absolute satifaction. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your bespoke creation is unique to you and you alone."

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