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At TomizCreations, a range of Bespoke services are offered to suit each Client's specific needs and taste. The following can be re-customized and/or created:  

 Shoes, Clutches, Totes, Waist Belts, Bangles/Bracelets, Jewellery, HairAccessories/Hair Flowers, Coin Purses and much more. 

 Our Range of Bespoke Services Include:

Bespoke using Client's raw materials (Old items):

With this option, the Client is encouraged to recycle their old items hence the term "creating new from old". This option is perfect as a money saver as reasonable discount fees are applied for recycling Client's items.

Bespoke by design:

This option caters for the TomizCreations Client who do not or cannot provide their own raw materials. In this instance, brand new pieces are created as opposed to recycling, using our own resources. In other words, all that is needed to create the Client's order, based on their bespoke specification, is taken care of.

Bespoke Bridal: 

This option is perfect for the Brides who want something entirely different from the norm. Something that will be exclusive and at the same time unique. Let TomizCreations add a touch of class to your special day and make you the centre of attention. Weddings can be quite dear so as an incentive, this option comes with affordable prices for a limited time.


Bespoke wedding favours:

This service offers the Bride the option to have bespoke wedding favours for her wedding. A TomizCreations wedding favour is perfect to give your guest something unique to remember your wedding. Not only is it different from the norm, they are handmade like all of our other creations. Show appreciation to your wedding guest with style. For inspiration, we have listed the types of wedding favours above.

Bespoke Bridesmaids:

Your Bridesmaids will look beautiful in their TomizCreations design. Add colour and flare to your special day and at the same time serve as a Bridesmaid's wedding favour. Discount incentives applied with the service for a limited time. 


Delivery service:

Clients who choose this service will have their finished order posted to them by secure delivery. Postage fees apply. To view delivery fees and options, please refer to delivery information.

Location pickup:

Clients can pick up their order(s) from our location. Great option for saving on postage. 

Please note for every bespoke service, Clients will still be able to provide their raw materials if they want to. For instance, a Client can bring in her old shoes and clutch for the Bespoke Bridal service. On all the services, the results are and still will be exclusive, handmade, unique pieces specifically bespoke to the Client's taste. To place your orders for your bespoke creations, please click here or follow the steps below:



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